Phanteks Neon M1 Digital RGB LED Strip (PH-NELEDKT-M1)

Brand: ANTEC
Product Code: PH-NELEDKT-M1
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Application For digital-RGB equipped cases, controllers & motherboards. (+5V, Data, NA, GND)

1000 mm x, 13 mm x, 5.5 mm x

(39.4 mm x 0.5 in x 0.2 in)

Colour Full RGB colour spectrum
LED Number 70 LEDs (1000 mm NEON Digital-RGB LED strip)

Input: Phanteks 3-pin (female) connector

Output: Phanteks 3-pin (male) connector

M/B Adapter: Digital RGB adapter 3pin (+5, Data, NA, GND)

Input Voltage +5V
Compatibility Phanteks 3 pin connector / M/B 3 pin DRGB Header (+5V,DATA,N/A,GND)
LED Spec KS6812, full colour Digital-RGB LED chip
MTBF 20,000 hr
1000 mm Phanteks NEON D-RGB LED Strip 1X
600 mm M/B D-RGB adapter/extension 1X
90 Degree Mount 4x
180 Degree Mount 4x
180 Degree Flat Mount 4x
3M Adhesive 12x
Warranty 2 Years
Note ***Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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